Our vision enables humans to simply communicate their animated stories with a click of a button, something that is as ground breaking as sending your first text message or taking photos with your phone. We believe this is important, because everybody has a story to tell and those stories deserve to be heard and seen. This is why Plotagon exists.


Plotagon is a user-friendly creative app that allows anyone to tell stories as animated videos. The method is simple: the user chooses the characters and scenes, writes their story in the form of dialogue, and add sound effects and music all with easy drop down menus and clicks of a button. When the user has finished tweaking it is a matter of pressing play and the app animates the movie automatically - no need for knowledge of animation at all

Behind the scenes Plotagon have taken care of lighting, camera angles, animation, lip syncing and editing. The user only focuses on communicating their story. This product vision enabled Plotagon to become a finalist amongst such companies such as Nike and Facebook at the Fast Company’s Innovation By Design Award 2014.

 In July 2014 we released a consumer app for iOS, Mac and PC that came out of our vision to make storytelling simple and fun. The app has a clean and simple user interface and the basic version is free. Included in this are a number of scenes and characters. In-App purchases then allow our users to expand their worlds by adding additional scenes and characters

Because we understand that the main drive of creating a story is sharing, our app contains its own community where users can follow each other, comment and like other users’ animations. Users can also share their animations (or plots as we call them) through other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.



Haraldur Thormundsson
VP of Business Development